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Purple G Spot Rabbit Female Vabritor Luxury Sex Toys

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Main material: medical grade silicone+ABS+TPE
Color: Purple
Weight: 190g
Function: 3 kinds of vibration speed + 17 kinds of frequency
Charging time: 2 hours
Working time: up to 90 minutes
Charging mode: pinhole USB charging
Maximum noise: <50db
Waterproof performance: IPX7

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
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This handheld artifact has changed my daily life! I broke every toy I bought in a week or two. Mainly because I use it once a day, sometimes twice, but it crashes every time. This bad boy finally appeared, and it has been 3 months without even a problem! In 3 months, I may not use it for 3 days. It takes HOURS to die,I'm fascinated! Oh, the lubricant they sent is amazing! I love this.

Sandy. L

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy my vagina was to meet the Vibe in this store! It is probably the best rabbit style vibrator I have ever had the pleasure of introducing to my genitals. The powerful, rumbly motors paired with high grade silicone and a flexible shape that suits my anatomy perfectly brings me to beautifully explosive orgasm without fail. For such a unassuming size, this is an impressive feat. Oh, and it’s waterproof, so bath time just got a lot more fun.


My dear partner bought this for me from YOUOU. The first time I used it, I had exactly the same experience as the reviewer. This baby opened up a whole new world for me. To be honest, everyone should have one. I am 30 years old, and this toy made me spray for the first time! marvelous! If you don't have one, you need to order it. Strong vibration, stylish design and even a storage bag, which is simply awesome.

2.Wow am I ever impressed by this product! I never thought it would be so AWESOME!

I am shocked that this product surprised me from the first moment I opened it, I am not exaggerating. I’m taking medicine and it’s making it hard for me to enter the so-called happiness — let me share with you, I haven’t entered Nirvana for a while — it took me a minute to figure out all these perversions and all-but when I When doing this-man, I stayed there for a while! -Oh my god, it's like a moment now! ——I mean who wants to do that? I don't-hey, it's soft and smooth, like the velvet I used to feel-ergonomic-it just fits-you know? It's really great-as quiet as a mouse, the lady upstairs knows nothing! ! I like it-charge it for a while! ! Hey, I am exploring new things by myself-no drama! ! ! It will be fun when I decide to share! ! He had better not feel insecure-because I wouldn't worry about his arrogance at all-he will overcome it soon! ! Let us all have fun! Hey, don't just look at it. Get it, it's wild and well worth it! ! I tell you, you are worthy of this girl! ! ! Get him now! ! The sooner it appears, you will-I promise! !