The Magic of The Ciltoris

The Magic of The Ciltoris

A little bit about the Clit: An Anatomy

The Clitoris, along with female pleasure has been left behind when it comes to research and it wasn’t until more recently that scientist have began to understand the clitoris and gain some more discovery in its appearance and function. In 2005, urologist Helen O’Connell was the first scientist to map the full structure of the clitoris using MRI scans on live women. It was found that the clit, was much more than the external nub, than it appears to be.

Through MRI scanning it was found that a meer ¼ of the clitoris and clitorial hood, is actually externally visible. The rest mimics a wishbone like structure that hugs itself around the sides of the vaginal walls. For years women have thought pleasure was all in this tiny external part. When in fact we have a full internal clitoral system with the same amount of erectile tissue as a male penis. As women we have an internal erection where the bulbs and legs of the clitoris expand within the body, whereas a males penis externally erects.

The clitoris is made up of several parts, all contributing to this breathtaking organ. The Clitoral head and hood, is the visible nub that can be seen externally at the top of the vulva. The head protrudes out from the internal shaft. The shaft that extends down into the the crura and vestibular bulbs, that wrap their way internally behind the walls of the vulva, like a little hug (cute)

Facts And Functions

Just like the vulva, clitoris’s come in all shapes, sizes and positions. When it comes to pleasure diversity in methods of stimulation is also true. Some clitoris’s are super sensitive and need little stimulation in order for you to feel aroused, whereas others need a lot more patience or pressure and can take a good beating to get you there!

Here’s some Incredible facts about the Clitoris:

The Clitoris NEVER, stops growing. Around the age of 32 a woman’s Clitoris will be double in size, compared to when they first started puberty. -That’s right the ease of orgasms are blessed with the beauty of age. As the Clirtoris gets bigger in size, it can become easier to stimulate
Clitoris comes from the Greek word for ‘Key.’ – That little love organ being the key to all your orgasms
Only 30% of women can orgasm with vaginal penetration alone. This is highly likely to be due to internal aspects of the clitoris being able to be accessed. Whereas 70% need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm
The Clitoris is packed with over 8000 nerve endings, that’s double the amount compared to a penis with just 4000
It is the only human organ that sole purpose is for pleasure