Introducing the YOUOU Aircraft Cup!

Introducing the YOUOU Aircraft Cup!

The YOUOU Aircraft Cup is a revolutionary new male masturbation device that is made to feel just like the various body parts of a female such as her mouth, ass, or vagina. This is truly the best feeling and most accurate feeling male masturbation gadget on the market today. It is made from a new and innovative latex that feels more like real skin than any other material on the earth.

The exterior design of the Aircraft Cup looks just like a flashlight, so no one will be wise enough to realize just what this gadget is if they happen upon it in your home. You can leave it on the dresser and the kids if they happen to walk into your room will not think a thing at all.

The interior of the Aircraft Cup is very realistic feeling and if you immerse the inner lining in warm water before using you can actually bring it up to body temperature. This will be a real treat for your penis, as it will feel even more like a vagina, mouth, or ass.

During masturbation, men can enjoy the sensations of different parts of the body to provide extra sensations and more arousal. This lining will definitely enhance the experience from start to finish. The texture of each lining is similar to the body part where they are created, so that if you close your eyes, you may not be able to feel the difference.

The airplane cup is a sex toy that does not have to be used by men alone. This can be a toy that can be used for couples' adventures like a vibrator. The idea is to enjoy your sexual contact, whether alone or with that special person. The Aircraft Cup achieved this goal. If you don't want to suck at every level of your experience, then mess up the ending. Of course, if you are using a butt lining, you will not be able to experience a real life experience if the Aircraft cup is sucked away. Try the various feelings that the Aircraft Cup can provide, and you will be truly satisfied in many ways.