How to Give Her Better Penetration?

How to Give Her Better Penetration?

3 ways to pound your lady to a stronger orgasm
I’ve got a pretty controversial opinion. I’m actually kind of nervous about sharing it.

It has to do with penetrative orgasms.

We all know that lots and lots of women can’t come from penetration - or at least, they can’t come from penetration alone.

Getting dicked down is some really good stuff. But unless there’s plenty of clit stimulation going on, it’s not going to get her all the way to a climax.

There are lots of different reasons for that.

Some ladies just don’t have a whole lot of internal sensitivity. You can thrust all you want, it’s just never going to make her come.

Or she might be plenty sensitive, but it’s just the wrong kind of stimulation. It never gets her past the edge, no matter what.

But I also know that sometimes, the issue isn’t that she’s not capable of having penetrative orgasms. She’s just not having the kind of sex that will get her there.

And that doesn’t have anything to do with the things a lot of guys seem to think are important to a good fuck.

It’s not about having superhuman stamina and being able to pound it out for half an hour without blowing your load.

It’s not about the size of your cock - nope, not even the girth.

It has to do with the kind of thrusting you’re doing and whether it’s hitting her sweet spot.

When She Wants It Harder
Most guys don’t seem to know the difference between a hard fuck and a fast fuck.

And that’s actually a pretty big deal. In fact, it’s probably one of the top dicking complaints.

When women get really specific about why the sex they’re having can’t get them to a climax, it’s this kind of thing that often comes up.

It happens when she asks to get fucked harder. But instead of adding some force behind his thrusts, the guy she’s banging also speeds it up.

All of a sudden, he’s in jackhammer mode when what she really wanted was a slow, intense, hard pounding.

Sometimes, it’s the other way around. She asks him to go faster, and instead of just picking up the pace he starts slamming into her like he was trying to blow out her hips.

And getting fucked too fast or too hard can be enough to ruin it for her. Even if it’s still an okay fuck, it might not be the kind of stimulation that can get her all the way.

If you want to avoid that with your lady, it’s actually very simple. All you have to do is remember that speed isn’t force, and force isn’t speed. You can give her one without the other.

Sometimes she’ll want you to thrust hard and slow. Other times, she’ll want it fast but without all that pounding force.

It might be tricky to separate the two at first. For whatever reason, guys tend to instinctively combine them.

But if you can overcome that primal urge to go hard every time you go fast, you’re going to be able to give her the precise kind of thrusting she’s asking for.

And that’s the best possible way to pleasure her with your cock.

When She Needs It Deeper
It’s possible your gal doesn’t care for deeper stimulation. Maybe it doesn’t make that big of a difference to her pleasure. Maybe she finds it uncomfortable if your dick gets too far inside her.

It’s not that unusual. It’s why they invented vibrator.

But there are also plenty of women who love some good, deep penetration.

If that’s your lady, it might be because she wants the intense stimulation that comes from the head of your cock making contact with her cervix.

Maybe it’s psychological and she gets turned on by the idea of your cock really filling her up.

Or maybe it just hits her the right way - the deeper you can go the better.

That’s a tough thing for some guys to hear, because they feel helpless.

She fawns over some deep penetration and they think it means she wants to get fucked by a big dick.

And sure, that’s one way to do it. If you’re packing eight or nine inches, you can give her a deep fuck just by pushing it in all the way.

But that’s not the only way to do it.

No matter the size of your cock, there are a few ways to fuck her deeper.

There are a few positions that really help. Fucking her missionary with her legs pushed back as far as she can comfortably bend them is one way to get your dick as deep as it will go.

Giving it to her in the spooning position while holding her leg up can help her feel all of your length, too.

But by far the best way to do it is by fucking her on top of a good sex wedge.

I discovered that when I got the Liberator Ramp and Wedge combo. I figured it would make sex more comfortable. I thought it might help me try out some interesting positions.

Give Her a Pounding That Will Make Her Clit Jealous
If she can’t come from penetrative sex, it’s time to show her your best moves.

Master the ability to go hard without going fast. Keep your rhythm steady. Set up the wedge before going to pound town if she wants it deep.

There’s a chance she still won’t be able to come from your cock even after you do all that. But it honestly doesn’t matter because you’ll be giving her a way more pleasurable fuck.

Here’s the thing - you can still blow her mind with your cock even if she can’t climax from it. As long as you give her clit plenty of action, she’ll be super excited for all that good dick you’re giving her.